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Sangeet Natak Akademi Awardee | Performing Academician |
Senior Bharatanatyam Exponent & Guru | Choreographer - Innovator | Scholar - Researcher | Author

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A rare intensity and authority of her essentially modern style, convincingly disciplined by the immaculate classical technique, resulted in her innovative approach towards shastra (theory) and sampradaya (practice) which has been described as a pioneering effort. Evolved into an artist of matchless individuality, she continued with her ardent involvement in dance and earned her doctorate in Natyashastra in Theory and Practice of Angika Abhinaya in Bharatanatyam.

Her vision scaled more prestigious heights with the establishment of her brain-child, Bharata College of Fine Arts & Culture affiliated to Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Nagpur, the only dance college that is actively immersed in classical dance performance and pedagogy based on Ancient Sanskrit Treatises and ancillary studies.

She is the Managing Trustee / Secretary of Sarfojiraje Bhosale B.N.T. & R. Centre, Mumbai and Founder Principal of Bharata College of Fine Arts & Culture, Mumbai and the Artistic Director of Kala Paricchaya, Mumbai.

She is the Author of 7 research-based books on dance which includes the first-ever translation of the Natyashastra with padadchheda and anvaya in Marathi and Gujarati. As a pioneer of bridging the gap between Shastra

and Sampradaya, she has translated into dance, rare aspects like Kalasa Karanas from Nritya Ratna Kosh, Gatis of Sangita Darpanam, Samanyabhinaya and Purvarangavidhan from Natyashastra, Sthanakani from Sangita Ratnakara to name a few.

A dancer, an innovator- choreographer, a scholar – researcher, an author, educationist and a great teacher, she humbly acknowledges the blessings of her guru and mentor Acharya Parvatikumar as one of the major contributors to her multifaceted personality, successes and achievements.

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